ECEGSS TechTalk – Groq

We are excited to invite all of you again to attend the second TECHNICAL TALK, TECH-TALK, in the INDUSTRY EXPOSURE SERIES.

We are hosting the second event with GROQ on May 13, 202, 11 AM – 12 PM.
The presenters will also do a short DEMO of their product.
Information about FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at the company will follow the event.

We will be giving out one of Amazon (Canada) or UberEats (Canada) GIFT-CARDS (CAD 15 each) to the attending students who register and attend the event for more than 30 minutes. Please find more information about the event below.
DATE        : Thursday, May 13, 2021
TIME        : 11 AM – 12 PM
11:00-11:20 – Andrew Ling, GM and SW Director, presents on Groq and Path to Win AI Space
11:20-11:35 – Groq Demo by Mark Wong-VanHaren, Visualizer and Scheduler viewer, and presents roles within his organization
11:35-11:40 – Jennifer Hwang presents roles and type of people she’s looking for in the HW organization
11:40-11:50 – Q&A
Think Fast!  A simplistic approach to tackling machine learning and compute at the end of Moore’s Law.
Recently closing a $300M funding round, one of the largest funding rounds in AI chip history, Groq has invented an entirely new approach to solve deep learning workloads and HPC.  Based on dataflow and streaming concepts, the Groq Tensor Streaming Processor is able to achieve a 4x improvement compared to other model GPUs and accelerators.
The TSP is built based on two key observations: (1) machine learning workloads exhibit abundant data parallelism, which can be readily mapped to tensors in hardware, and (2) a deterministic processor with a stream programming model enables precise reasoning and control of hardware components to achieve good performance and power efficiency. The TSP is designed to exploit parallelism inherent in machine-learning workloads including instruction-level, memory concurrency, data and model parallelism. This guarantees determinism by eliminating all reactive elements in the hardware, for example, arbiters and caches. Early ResNet50 image classification results demonstrate 20.4K processed images per second with a batch size of one.
Our first ASIC implementation of the TSP architecture yields a computational density of more than 1 TOp/s per square mm of silicon. This TSP is a 25x29mm 14nm chip operating at a nominal clock frequency of 900MHz. The TSP also demonstrates a novel hardware-software approach to achieve fast yet predictable performance on machine-learning workloads within a desired power envelope. This architecture can be deployed across a broad range of applications, from ML to HPC within the datacenter, where low-latency and high-throughput are critical facets of total cost of ownership.
In this talk, we will explore the Groq TSP and help you understand how its simplistic approach to compute yields significant efficiency for acceleration.
Speaker Bio.:
ANDREW LING : General Manager and SW Director
Andrew Ling received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 2009.  After that, he spent most of his time at Altera, which was later acquired by Intel.  His primary focus at Altera/Intel was the development of the OpenCL compiler and later on, moved into CNN acceleration for FPGAs. He now leads the Groq Canada Design Centre, where they are focused on developing scalable ML software and compiler tools for the Groq TSP.
JENNIFER HWANG :: Director, Hardware Engineering
Jen is an engineer at heart. She has spent her entire career building ASICs, with over 30 successful tape-outs under her belt. Starting at MIT, Jennifer graduated with her Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. No stranger to startups, she was a part of Silicon Spice startup, which was acquired by Broadcom. Jen became a Director of Engineering responsible for Broadcom’s cellular processor division for hardware verification with a multi-site global team. At Groq, she is leading the Hardware verification team creating ASICs for machine learning. Specifically, she loves to roll up her sleeves and up to her elbows in the details of how things work. In her free time, she supports her family ? reading, skiing, and serving as a parent-volunteer for her two growing kids at school.
MARK WONG-VANHAREN :: Technical Lead, Groq Tools
Mark has 30 years experience in software development. He co-founded, was CTO of ecommerce site Glyde, and served as VP Ramp;D at Wordnik. Over the years, he’s designed and built a wide range of tools and products, including: a special-purpose search engine, a columnar DBMS, a category-best iPhone app, and a templating language and compiler. At Groq, Mark works on our compiler as well as developer tools. He especially enjoys taking complex problems and mercilessly simplifying, usually using a functional programming language. Mark studied computational linguistics at Stanford and maintains a strong interest in natural and programming languages. Outside of work, Mark enjoys tandem biking and creating music with his family band.
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Science Rendezvous UofT 2021 Virtual Event – May 8, 2021 @UofTSR

We would like to announce that Science Rendezvous 2021 will be taking place VIRTUALLY on Saturday, May 8, 2021, from 10am to 4pm! Each year, the Science Rendezvous street fair attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the University of Toronto, aiming to foster an appreciation of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) in the community and to enhance scientific literacy. We will continue to run our programming this year through an online format and would like to invite you to attend our events – from Science Chase experiments, our annual Science Fair competition, and our first ever production, “The SR Show”, featuring engaging demonstrations from over 30 University of Toronto departments. We hope you will join us for a day filled with fun and science! 

Next Steps for the Session:

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Thank you,

Miranda Li, Emily Fung, Julia Turner, Noshin Chowdhury, & Sophia Feng


Promotions Coordinator 2021
Science Rendezvous 
University of Toronto, St. George


ECEGSS TechTalk – Tenstorrent

ECEGSS is excited to invite all of you to attend the first TECHNICAL TALK, TECH-TALK, in the INDUSTRY EXPOSURE SERIES. Registration required.

We are hosting the first event with TENSTORRENT (
Information about FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at the company will follow the event.

Students will be able to interact with HR and the technical team at the event.
We will be giving out one of the amazon (Canada) or UberEats (Canada) GIFT-CARDS (CAD 15 each) to the attending students who register and attend the event for more than 30 minutes.

Please find more information about the event below.

***** Event Inforamtion *****
DATE        : Wednesday, Apr 29, 2021
TIME        : 11 AM – 12 PM

Drago Ignjatovic, VP of Silicon Engineering
Davor Capalija, Fellow, ML & Architecture
Jasmina Vasiljevic, Director, Compiler
The rapidly growing compute demands and complexity of training AI models necessitate the creation of a new computing architecture that can efficiently enable the unprecedented scale-out to 10s and even 100s of thousands of devices. While many vendors focused primarily on layering the system architecture on top of a ?fundamentally single-device architecture? to address the scale-out challenges, Tenstorrent has designed every aspect of its microarchitecture from the ground up for scale-out to a virtually unlimited number of devices. This presentation will introduce our AI Training architecture and its embodiment in a 12nm Wormhole device, and outline the key features of our scale-out-first microarchitecture.The team will also share about open full-time opportunities during the session. The students will have the opportunity to interact with presenters and other team members of the company.

Mindfulness Session (Nov. 23, 12 – 1 pm ET.)

ECEGSS is organizing a mindfulness session on November 23 between 12 and 1 pm ET. Join this beginner-friendly session to learn some techniques and connect with yourself! In the session, you will be introduced to the basics of mindfulness, including three guided practices. Don’t miss the great opportunity of hearing about mindfulness techniques, their philosophies, and their benefits.

Please mark your calendars. Zoom link and registration details can be found in your email!