1st council meeting

The first council meeting was held on Wednesday July 4, 2012 (2:00pm – 4:00pm) at Graduate Seminar Room: BA4164.

We had discussed the future plans of the ECEGSS and established new guidelines for the individual research groups’ events.


Event Suggestions

Hi Everyone,

We’re about to test the waters of our first event, watching the Blue Jays take on the Angels tomorrow; but we’re looking forward to many more!

If you have any ideas for events you’d like to see organized by us, then let us know. Please join us on Facebook and add your thoughts to our group poll:

Alternatively, you can share your thoughts with us by contacting us through this email, or you can contact your Social Event Organizer, Mario, at mario.badr@mail.utoronto.ca.

We hope to hear from you all soon!


Le ECEGSS – Xtreme Edition