ECE Graduate Students’ Society and CUPE Elections Results

We would like to thank all the people who attended today’s meeting and also all the volunteers who helped us through the last year for all the events that we have had. We are pleased to announce the results of the ECE Graduate Students’ Society (ECEGSS) and CUPE Stewards Elections held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013:

  • President: Seyed Hossein Mortazavi
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Shadi Chuangpishit
  • Event/Social Officer: Peyman Hadi
  • GSU Representatives: Zhen Dai  and Shervin Shahidi
  • CUPE 3902 Stewards: Eman Hammad, Mario Badr, Hui-Lin Hsu, Parisa Khadem Hamedani, and Liyao Xiang

We would like to extend our congratulations to the newly elected ECEGSS executives, GSU representatives, and CUPE Stewards. We are looking forward to an exciting new year for the graduate students at the ECE department!

See Some Pictures!

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