TechTalk#04 – Stathera

We are excited to invite all of you again to attend the fourth

We are hosting this event with Stathera
In this event, speakers from Stathera
will share their experience with TandemLaunch. The speakers from

at the company will follow the event.

We will be giving out one of Amazon(Canada) or UberEats(Canada)
GIFT-CARDS (CAD 15 each) to the attending graduate students of the ECE
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event for more than 30 minutes.

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DATE        : Thursday, Sep 2, 2021
TIME        : 11 AM – 12 PM
Novelties and Challenges in Designing High-Precision Resonators, Oscillators and Clock References
In this TechTalk we are going to start by presenting Stathera as a company, who we are, and why we are working on our mission to improve the 100 years old timing market based on quartz oscillators and give it a complete technological makeover. We are going to explain why we think the change is going to happen and why we think now is the time to do so. After this introduction, we will dive deeper into some of the challenges when it comes to designing high precision MEMS resonators. We are also going to talk about the difficulties of merging MEMS with an integrated circuit designed to sustain the resonator oscillations, compensate for the temperature drifts and improve the overall performance of the system. Most of the technical talk will be dedicated to the ASIC design, where we will present all the functions that need to be implemented on the circuit side in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of the modern wireline and wireless communication protocols. We will start from the system level aspects, but we will also cover some of the crucial subsystems and talk about topics such as TIA design, PLL design, temperature sensing, sigma-delta ADCs design, curvature-correction and calibration, high-voltage charge-pump design, and many more. We will also talk about design methodologies when it comes to designing high-precision high-resolution, but low-speed and low-power systems.

NIKOLA KATIC, Director of ASIC Engineering and Development
Nikola received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland in 2014. He was also a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada, in 2016 and 2017. Nikola’s academic interests were mostly related to CMOS image sensors and computational cameras. Besides this, between 2014 and 2021, Nikola held Senior R&D engineering roles in the field of integrated circuit design with Samsung Electronics, Intel Corp and Synopsys Inc, working on plenty of cutting-edge technological solutions such as High-Bandwidth Memories, PCIe5 and 112G XSR wireline transceivers, and integrated circuit processes all the way down to 7nm FinFets. He authored and co-authored 15+ scientific publications. His research and professional interests are: high-precision timing circuits (PLLs, DLLs and CDRs), DFEs and ADCs, CMOS image sensors and temperature sensors, high-voltage charge-pumps and many more. Nikola joined Stathera in April 2021 as a Director of ASIC Engineering and Development.
DANNY GANGAPERSAUD, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
Danny has 22 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In his most recent role, Danny was responsible for account & business development in Eastern Canada for Honeywell Sensing & IoT where he received the President’s club award for new business growth with sensors. Prior to that, he was Director, Technical Marketing at Bosch, the world’s leading MEMS sensor manufacturer where he was responsible for the MEMS microphone portfolio and drove global business development / customer acquisition and go-to-market strategies for wearable, IoT, smartphones and other consumer devices. Earlier in his career, he was a staff engineer at NEC Electronics America (now Renesas) with responsibility for then-emerging automotive infotainment market segment, where he drove the design-in efforts for MCU/SoC and was recognized for his contribution in achieving world’s #1 market share position for V850 32-bit microcontroller. Danny earned a BSc. Electronics Engineering from DeVry University and an MBA in International Business from LeTourneau University. He leads the business development & marketing strategies for MEMS timing solution at Stathera, Inc.