ECEGSS TechTalk – Tenstorrent

ECEGSS is excited to invite all of you to attend the first TECHNICAL TALK, TECH-TALK, in the INDUSTRY EXPOSURE SERIES. Registration required.

We are hosting the first event with TENSTORRENT (
Information about FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at the company will follow the event.

Students will be able to interact with HR and the technical team at the event.
We will be giving out one of the amazon (Canada) or UberEats (Canada) GIFT-CARDS (CAD 15 each) to the attending students who register and attend the event for more than 30 minutes.

Please find more information about the event below.

***** Event Inforamtion *****
DATE        : Wednesday, Apr 29, 2021
TIME        : 11 AM – 12 PM

Drago Ignjatovic, VP of Silicon Engineering
Davor Capalija, Fellow, ML & Architecture
Jasmina Vasiljevic, Director, Compiler
The rapidly growing compute demands and complexity of training AI models necessitate the creation of a new computing architecture that can efficiently enable the unprecedented scale-out to 10s and even 100s of thousands of devices. While many vendors focused primarily on layering the system architecture on top of a ?fundamentally single-device architecture? to address the scale-out challenges, Tenstorrent has designed every aspect of its microarchitecture from the ground up for scale-out to a virtually unlimited number of devices. This presentation will introduce our AI Training architecture and its embodiment in a 12nm Wormhole device, and outline the key features of our scale-out-first microarchitecture.The team will also share about open full-time opportunities during the session. The students will have the opportunity to interact with presenters and other team members of the company.